Vote for HIT in Tesco’s Blue Token Scheme

We are so pleased to announce that Herts Inclusive Theatre has been chosen as one of the charities in Tesco Superstore Ware’s Blue Token Scheme. This scheme is part of Tesco Stronger Starts and puts HIT in the running to receive a sizable donation, should we win the in-store vote. The vote is open now, and runs until the 31st of March.

This donation will make a massive impact on our ability to deliver inclusive theatre projects in our community. For that reason, we are asking for your help today. But what is the Blue Token Scheme, and why should you vote for HIT?


How does the Tesco Blue Token Scheme work?


The Tesco Blue Token Scheme is a community-focused initiative that allows Tesco customers to support local projects and charities through a voting system. Three charities are chosen by Tesco through applications or nominations from Tesco colleagues and customers.

A voting system is then used, by which Tesco customers can place a blue token inside the collection box for the charity of their choice.

At the end of the voting period, the charity who receives the most tokens will receive £1,500, the charity in second place will receive £1,000 and the charity in third place will receive £500.


How does the Tesco Blue Token Scheme help support local communities?


As you can see, all charities are winners in the Tesco Blue Token Scheme. This means that, no matter where we place in the vote, Tesco Stronger Starts will be helping HIT to deliver our projects.

In the past, Stronger Starts have helped to fund lifeguard services provided by the RNLI in Norfolk, breakfast clubs in primary schools, and suicide prevention charities.

The nature of the scheme highlights the importance of community involvement. Every individual vote makes an impact in the community by contributing towards fundraising for local charities.


How to vote for Herts Inclusive Theatre


The voting system is very easy to use. However, it’s important to note that you can only vote for HIT at Tesco Superstore Ware, not any other Tesco location.

When you make a purchase at Tesco Superstore Ware, ask for a blue token.

These tokens can then be used by customers to vote for the local charity of their choice by placing them in the corresponding voting slot. These collection boxes are often near the exit of the store, behind the tills. If you are unsure on their location, ask a store colleague.

A photo of a blue token voting box. There is a backing plaque with a photo of a football and a young girl. The three charities have paragraphs of description alongside their name. Underneath are three tubes made of see-through plastic, where blue tokens have been slotted in and collected at the bottom.
The vote collection at Tesco Superstore Ware

There are typically three local charities to choose from, all of whom have been chosen by Tesco. Find the slot that reads Herts Inclusive Theatre above it and put your token in the slot.

It’s as easy as that!


Why should you vote for Herts Inclusive Theatre?


Receiving this grant from Tesco Stronger Starts will help us to implement our inclusive groups across Hertfordshire. Currently, we run sessions for children, teens, and adults in Borehamwood, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Hertford & Ware, Harrow, Watford, and even on Zoom.

The paragraph above the voting slot for HIT, describing what the charity does.
Place your blue token here to vote for HIT

These sessions need money to run – for hiring venues, employing staff, and providing inclusive training. Winning the vote for the Blue Token Scheme will help us to bring more young people and adults who would benefit from our work to our groups. It can help us to employ more staff and to deliver more training for volunteers.

Simply put, the Blue Token Scheme will help HIT to provide even more for the local community.


Thank you for your support of HIT


Community is at the heart of Stronger Starts, emphasized by how just one vote can make all the difference. Here at HIT, we have always felt the support of our community. Whether through volunteering, donating, or keeping in contact with us through social media, we know you are behind us.

So, please, get voting for Herts Inclusive Theatre in Tesco Superstore Ware. Tell you friends and your family who are local to Ware to vote for us. Or, go a little further out to do your food shop during the February and March. As Tesco says, every little helps!


To keep up to date with the results of the vote, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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