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Two children, one in a mr messy costume, the other in a red t-shirt, stand next to each other.

It’s World Theatre Day! Annually on the 27th of March, World Theatre Day celebrates all the ways theatre brings connection, expression and joy in our lives. To commemorate World Theatre Day, we’re sharing the top five reasons theatre can make a difference in your life, with a little help from HIT participant Rebecca and her mum Emily.   The Power of Expression:     Theatre gives you a space to try new things, including new ways to express yourself. At a HIT workshop, you can try expressing yourself through acting, dancing, singing –......

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Two women with blonde hair and an older man gather around a young man in a black zip up hoodie and a wheelchair. Behind them a banner reads: 'Welcome Home.'

We are so excited for Thom Jackson-Wood, one of HIT’s facilitators, who features in the new Channel 5 drama Finders Keepers. Thom is such an asset to Herts Inclusive Theatre, working at our sessions in East Herts. He spoke to us about his experience working on Finders Keepers, and how his work with Herts Inclusive Theatre influenced his role as Josh.   What is Finders Keepers on Channel 5 about?   Finders Keepers is a gripping new drama from Channel 5. Broadcasting on Wednesdays at 9pm, all aired episodes can be found on......

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