HIT schoolsOur schools outreach programme was introduced so that local schools could experience all the fun of a HIT workshop within the classroom. Over time HIT has developed a reputation for excellence in offering bespoke drama workshops using the inclusive method of delivery. Our trained workshop leaders are experienced in working collaboratively with a whole class/ group whilst at the same time always using a range of inclusive practices to support any additional needs.

Drama as a tool for learning rather than performance
Whilst we love the occasional burst of musical theatre and jazz hands, our central focus is on using drama as tool for development, rather than performance. Each of our 4 key discovery workshops has been designed to help enhance confidence and personal development.

How we do it!
We believe that inclusive theatre is special, and focus on what a child can do rather than what they can't. It is by this way of thinking we are able to bring out best in each and every child we work with.

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Our new 2015 schools outreach programme has been designed to fully compliment children's learning within early years/foundation stages as well as those children working at KS1 and KS2. Each of our fun-filled 'discovery' workshops are designed to stimulate, engage and capture children's imagination by using a wide range of drama games and exercises. All workshops aim to help and enhance children's:

  • Listening Skills
  • Confidence Building
  • Communication
  • Instinctive Reactions
  • Imagination
  • Voice and Speech
  • Recognising different emotions

Additional Information
Our workshop leaders are able to work with up to 30 children at any one time. All we ask is that you send along at least one teacher to join in the fun.
Our workshops are designed to be delivered within your schools hall or largest space available.



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