OUT NOW: Wands, Wings & Wifi by Marion Hertz, with all proceeds going to HIT!

Author Marion Hertz, hopes to raise around £10,000 for Herts Inclusive theatre through the sales of her book Wands, Wings & WIFI.

The book released at the end of June was described by Marion as the modern-day version of Fairies and Elves, a book released in 1984. 

Wands, Wings & WIFI is about fairies and elves, who wizards teach from around the world. The book includes the use of mobile phones, wings that need charging, and fairies wearing platform shoes.

After reading sad stories to her grandchildren, like Bambi while they were growing up, Marion was inspired to start writing as she has always loved English.

She explains: “I was reading stories to my grandchildren and most of them were so sad. I thought I could write happier ones, as they used to make me sad after reading them.”

ALL proceeds from the sales of this book go to HIT!

£7.00 per copy including postage.

If you would like to purchase multiple copies, please contact us.

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