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Drama in the Classroom

Drama is a great tool for learning, but how can you actually use it to support your teaching? Perhaps you have been asked to teach some drama lessons for your school, but are not too sure where to start? Or perhaps you would just like a few extra games to play with your class.

Our HIT *training sessions are jam packed- with ideas and inspiration to help you bring all the fun of the theatre into the classroom. Our workshop leaders will guide you through a series of games and exercises that can be easily adapted for any topic.

You'll leave brimming with confidence, practical experience and a smile on your face! Not forgetting all the brilliant new ideas you would have picked up along the way.

Please note: All inset training includes advice and support on working inclusively with children and young people. Workshop leaders will offer practical demonstrations as well as answering any questions you may have when supporting children with additional needs.

*Suitable for all teachers and support staff working with children and young people.

hit discovery workshops

'HIT The Mic'
This fun, interactive, drama-based workshop is jam-packed with games, exercises and activities that all help to develop great communication. Using theatre as a tool for development children will delve into a world of fantasy and make believe as we use storytelling to help children develop great communication skills and confidence with specific focus on listening; this workshop will concentrate on focus, awareness, and instruction. These sessions also include the use of sign language.

'HIT Makes Sense'
HIT makes 'sense' invites children to experience a very special sensory adventure. We create a variety of different environments and experiences that focus on one or more senses, through experimenting with the use of, sound, lighting, visual and tactile effects, exploring is actively encouraged as the children relax, have fun, and learn to express themselves.

'Hit Up Hit Down'
Through the use of puppetry children are invited to explore what makes people special. Designed to compliment to SEAL and PHSE sessions, popular topics can include: confidence, bullying, teamwork, emotions, stranger danger and friendship. We can also devise bespoke workshops to tie in with a specific topic or project as desired.

'HIT Be'
This workshop will encourage participants to relax and manage emotions using different techniques through mindfulness games, movement, yoga poses, breathing exercises and having fun.

Benefits of the workshop are helping participants to feel calm, relaxed, increase body awareness, confidence, concentration, focus and attention, awareness of breath, enhance flexibility and balance.